As a Digital Product Designer, the main aspect of my work at Waze is focused on the main client's user interface and user experience. As expected, working in such a large company, most of what I do in my every day job is very team-oriented. For those obvious reasons, I rather prefer to present here some of the illustrations and specific elements I created for the brand and te client during the last 4 years, which are now part of Waze's DNA.
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Waze Main Banner
waze-motions-gif1 waze-motions-gif2 waze-motions-gif3
As every designer within the team, I participated in the conception of some of the PR & Social campaigns around major events, such as the World Cup, the Super Bowl or after the releases of every major updates. Some of those campaign are banners for the social networks, mini-sites or even in-app campaigns.
Waze Blowup
waze-client-illustrations waze-phones
_ SWAG _
Swags are also a very fun and open way to express our creativity within the company. Most of the time, goodies are intended for users or beta testers but sometimes, some of them are only internal to the workers.
waze stickers